Our Story

Spunna exists to connect people and place through wine.

In 2006, Sterling Publishing out of New York City ushered “The Wine Access Buyer’s Guide” authored by Stephen Tanzer of International Wine Cellar, to newsstands around the country. Our founders were inspired by the guide and came up with the idea for Spunna, which originally had the goal of “creating a master database of all the wines people were looking for, figuring out how to get inventory from stores around the county, and matching Wines from Different Regions”. their inventory to the main database. “

For a time in our adolescence, we hosted websites for wine shops as a step toward that grand venture. Sending emails was not originally a frequent thing, but as we evolved, our focus turned to authoring “daily missives” (as our founder called them) about wines that were, “virtually impossible to find,” but that he and his team had earned a small allocation of, and which they offered exclusively through Spunna.

The idea was to connect people to far-off places the world around where vineyards grow and where wine is produced—illuminating the daily lives of winemakers from Napa to Bordeaux, from Argentina to Australia, and beyond, always with a level of detail that excites and teaches about the world of wine while inspiring a connection to growers in our own backyard, and to those who live half-way around the world.

That original ethos—of taking our readers on a journey to wine country, inside the most coveted cellars, along for the most sacred of tastings—is not only alive today but is enjoying a renaissance packed with new discoveries and new ways to purchase. In the summer of 2018 and, shortly thereafter, we launched a robust online store.


Spunna makes it easy to discover and enjoy the world’s most inspiring wines through expert curation, storytelling, perfect provenance—and our satisfaction guarantee.

Our team is headquartered in Napa, California and includes a Master of Wine, a Master Sommelier, and a selective crew of industry experts who have made in-roads in every major corner of every wine region around the globe. Our personal connections unlock access to the most exclusive wines, from first growth Bordeaux estates to Napa cult icons and exciting discoveries along the way.